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Free piano sheet music from Van Morrison

About Van Morrison

Van Morrison or "Van the Man" as many fans call him, was born on the 31st of August 1945 in Belfast, Ireland.

You will find Morrison's free piano sheet music on our download section. His father's vast music collection was very important for Morrison's musical performance. As he grew up he would listen to blues, gospel, jazz, folk or country music. As he started performing he declared: "If it weren't for guys like Ray and Solomon, I wouldn't be where I am today.

Those guys were the inspiration that got me going. If it wasn't for that kind of music, I couldn't do what I'm doing now".

At the age of eleven, Van Morrison's father bought his first acoustic guitar and he taught himself how to play it using the book "The Carter Family Style". The next year he was already forming his band "The Sputniks", a skiffle group. In 1958 they were playing in some local cinemas and Morrison was naturally in charge of most of the singing. During the next teen years he was in a few other bands.

At fourteen he decides to learn how to ply the saxophone after hearing Jimmy Giuffre playing it on "The Train and The River". He then joined some other bands until finally meeting George Jones, Deanie Sands and Roy Kane I the band the Javelins. After that they took Wesley Black as pianist and came up with another band name, "the Monarchs." Download the piano music sheet for Van Morrison's and the Monarchs' songs for free, here. Later, when he was only 17 of age he toured Europe with the band, now "the International Monarchs".

The artist was brought to international attention when he began performing with "The roots of Them". They performed at the Maritime club for a while.

The band later signed a two-year contract with Decca Records. While under contract Them released two albums and ten singles. Three of the singles became chart hits: Baby, Please Don't GO in 1964, Here Comes the Night in 1965 and Mytic Eyes in 1965. After that, the song Gloria was highly appreciated by fans and musicians and several cove versions were released by Patti Smith, the Doors, Shadows of Knight, Jimi Hendrix and other artists whose free piano sheets are available here.

During the band's tour in the United States, Jim Morrison of the Doors was somewhat influenced by Van Morrison's stage act and even played the song Gloria together during the tour's last concert. Download Morrison's free piano sheets and play it yourself.

In 1965 "Van the Man" signed with Bang Records. By 1967 a new album was released. He was not happy with the result and said that he had a different concept of what it should have sounded like. "Brown Eyed Girl" became the most successful single of the album. In the present it is the fourth most requested song of DJs in the Unites States.

Astral Weeks came out in 1968 as an "a mystical song cycle". It is described as hypnotic, meditative. It is one of Mojo's 100 Best Albums list and number 19 on the 500 Greatest Albums of All Time in the Rolling Stones magazine's chart in 2003.

During the years Van Morrison released several great albums like Moondance , His Band and the Street Choir , Tupelo Honey, Hard Nose the Highway , Veedon Fleece, Into the Music, Wavelength, Common One, Beautiful Vision and others, all focused on themes of spirituality and faith.

Astral Weeks remains his best album, focusing on the power of great lyrics as we are based on the power of the best piano sheet music for van Morrison's songs.

Van Morrison
Birth Name:George Ivan Morrison
Born:31 August 1945 In Bloomfield, Belfast, Northern Ireland
Genres:Rock, Blues, Rhythm And Blues, Folk, Blue-eyed Soul, Pop, Celtic, Rock And Roll, Jazz, Soft Rock, Country, Skiffle, Gospel
Occupations:Singer-songwriter, Musician
Instruments:Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica, Saxophones, Keyboards, Drums, Tambourine, Ukulele
Years Active:1958–present
Labels:Decca, Bang, Warner Bros., London, Mercury, Exile/Polydor, Verve, Point Blank, Virgin, Universal, Blue Note, Lost Highway, Listen To The Lion/EMI, Manhattan

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John Campbell 04 December 2016 at 01:12 #1

Van was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland - not Ireland - there is no country called Ireland - there is Northern Ireland which is part of the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland which is a separate country. Listing Ireland is not specific enough - similar to saying Germany in the 60's - people would not be able to tell if you meant East Germany or West Germany - the same with Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. 04 December 2016 at 18:16 #2

Hi @John,

You're right. We have corrected it.
Thank you.