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Come Away With Me free piano sheet music by Norah Jones

About the song

"Come Away with Me" is the title of a song by the pop musician Norah Jones, featured as a single from her first studio album from 2002.

Titled "Come Away with Me", the album was backed by the label Blue Note and features many genres, ranging from pop and jazz to country and folk and even blues.

The production team for the album included Jay Newland, Craig Street, Norah herself and Arif Mardin.

"Come Away with Me" was one of the greatest pop debut albums ever, managing to reach the first place on the Billboard Hot 200 and even getting to the top of other charts pertaining to the jazz genre.

The album ultimately managed to win a grand total of eight Grammy Awards. Selling more than 26 million times internationally, the album was finally certified to the Diamond status, just 3 years after its release.

The album was generally praised by the music critics, especially for the talent of Norah and the mood that the songs tend to induce to the listener. It has been called a sincere album, one that comes from the heart, Norah’s vocal talent being the main point that was discussed. It was called to be a pretty mature and romantic album for just a debut album, being also smart and sexy.

The style of Norah Jones caught on to the audience from the start, helping her popularity and fame rise.

The album contains fourteen tracks and "Come Away with Me" was the fifth on the album.

Written and produced solely by Norah Jones herself, the track has a length of 3 minutes and 18 seconds. Being a straightforward pop song with some jazz influences, it managed to draw attention from the audience.

Commercially, "Come Away with Me" didn’t have high success compared to the entirety of the album. It didn’t manage to get on the Billboard Hot 100 charts in the United States, for example. However, on the Billboard Adult Top 40, it ranked at number 21. In Canada it was very popular and successful, becoming the highest charting single for Norah in that territory.

It peaked at the second place of the Canadian Singles Chart. In the United Kingdom, it wasn’t very successful, yet it still managed to chart at rank 80 on the Singles Chart. Other notable charting ranks were the fifth position on the Spanish Singles Chart and rank 87 on the Dutch Singles Chart.

"Come Away with Me" has its free pop piano sheet free for you down below. Download the free PDF and start practicing.

Come Away With Me
Artist:Norah Jones
Album:First Sessions/Come Away With Me
Label:Blue Note
Writer:Norah Jones
Track length:3:18
Genres:Jazz, Pop

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Come Away With Me - Norah Jones video tutorial preview

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