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See You Again free piano sheet music by Wiz Khalifa

About the song

The hip hop song called "See You Again" was recorded by Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth, both famous American singers and it registered a high success, being heard on numerous radio or TV channels all over the world.

The main purpose of the song was to be used for "Furious 7", but later, after the tragedy that actor Paul Walker was involved in, the song was meant to be a tribute to the star. In its creation participated DJ Frank E and Andrew Cedar, together with the rapper, who were also co-producers, as Charlie Puth was, in a way. The song was officially released to the public on March 17, 2015, being qualified as the lead single of the film’s soundtrack.

The success of the song was spread worldwide really fast and soon it was placed on remarkable positions on charts. Among the charts, it is worth to mention Billboard Hot 100, where it was placed on the first position for 12 weeks. It was also number one in the UK on the UK Singles Chart for 2 weeks. In addition, charts of other countries had "See You Again" on the first position, like Canada, Germany, Australia and Austria and some others.

Another remarkable thing about the song is that it holds the record for having the most streams in a single week - 21.9 million times.

Besides its impressive message, which is actually a story, the video had also a great impact on the public. The video was directed by Marc Klasfeld. On YouTube, it has become the seventeenth video which has most views. The first image of the video presents Wiz on a road, slowly walking in the last sparkle of the sunshine. Then Puth is shown playing piano between two cars.

The way in which the piano notes are played is amazing and their voices have the power to intensify the message of the song. During the development of the video, there are shown numerous scenes from "Furious 7". The most amazing scene is the one that presents Toretto, who is played by Vin Diesel, and Paul Walker’s brother, driving together. The interesting but sad image presented at the end show the two friends driving on separate ways, followed by the message "FOR PAUL".

Concluding, no matter if you saw or not the film, the song remains awesome, emotional through its story, through its end and its connection to the cruel reality.

And in addition, the piano background enriches its value. And if you want to play it, feel free and use the free piano sheet music offered by us.

See You Again
Artists:- Wiz Khalifa
- Charlie Puth
Producers:Puth, DJ Frank E, Andrew Cedar
Released:March 17, 2015
Album:Furious 7: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Writer:Puth, DJ Frank E, Wiz Khalifa, Andrew Cedar
Track length:3:50
Genre:Hip-Hop, Film Score, Soundtrack

Piano cover

See You Again - Wiz Khalifa video tutorial preview

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