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Free piano sheet music from Gary Jules

About Gary Jules

Gary Jules is the name of a Californian singer and songwriter that occupies himself with genres such as rock, folk and pop.

His most known work is the song "Mad World" for the 2001 movie "Donnie Darko". The single release was featured in late 2003. "Mad World" was actually a cover for the original by Tears For Fears and his friend Michael Andrews helped him finish it. "Mad World" became the number one single for Christmas in the United Kingdom that year.

This version of Jules was featured in TV shows such as "General Hospital", "Jericho", "Smallville", "Without a Trace", as well as "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation". It has also been featured as a trailer for "The Crazies", a 2010 movie.

After Adam Lambert performed his own version of "Mad World" on American Idol, the song rose once again, Gary Jules’ version getting the eleventh place on the iTunes Store. Other songs from Gary Jules were "Something Else" and "Gone Daddy". The first one was used in TV show "Scrubs".

"Gone Daddy" tells the story of his relocation from Southern California, because of a horrific shooting. His family moved to Northern California and he got inspired to write this song. "Wichita" is the name of another one of his songs, one inspired from the history of Native Americans, especially the railroad projects.

Gary Jules accompanied Mylene Farmer in Timeless 2013, a series of concerts. They performed "Mad World" together, as well as a duet, "Les mots". Except "Mad World", two other songs from Jules have received music videos, namely "Broke Window" and "Beautiful". His studio albums are a number of four, the first one being released in 1998 with the title "Greetings from the Side".

Three years later, another album followed, one called "Trading Snakeoil for Wolftickets". In 2006 he released his self-titled album, then, two years later, another one called "Bird". His only single remains the 2003 "Mad World" one, which managed to chart top 5 in Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands.

His first musical collaboration was with his friend, Michael Andrews, for "Mad World", which got featured on movie "Donnie Darko".

In 2004, he started another collaboration, for Jim Bianco’s song "Handsome Devil", working as a backing vocalist for his track "Tennessee Wedding". In 2005, he got featured on "Honey & Dear", a song by Esquimax. In 2008, he once again collaborated with Jim Bianco for two songs, "Sing" and "If Your Mama Knew". In 2009, he worked for Angel Taylor’s album, "Love Travels". He played mandolin, the guitar and provided backing vocals.

Gary Jules
Birth Name:Gary Jules Aguirre, Jr.
Born:March 19, 1969 In Fresno, California, United States
Genres:Pop, Folk, Rock, Soft Rock
Occupations:Songwriter, Musician, Singer
Instruments:Guitar, Ukulele, Piano, Harmonica, Vocals, Mandolin

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Mad World

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