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Heartsounds free piano sheet music by David Lanz

About the song

"Heartsounds" is the title of the main song track from the album with the same name by David Howard Lanz, a new age pianist from Seattle.

A great piano name throughout the world, Lanz has been active in the music field even since he was only 14 years old.

With a great popular album titled "Cristofori’s Dream", he became very famous. The song "Natural States" was other hit success for him.

The album "Heartsounds" is one of his best works as well, especially since he followed on it with over 14 albums in the next 15 years.

he label Narada, David’s own label, released the album in 1983, having inventive new age songs, as well as several jazz inspired ones. His vibrant style could be seen in this album, which was kept throughout his entire career.

The emotional weight of this album is furthered by this diamond of a song, named the same as the album. It is truly an incredible performance on the piano from a master of the acoustic music.

There is a story about "Heartsounds", a man was playing the song on his keyboard at the corner of the street. As he was doing that, David himself walked passed him and heard the song that he was playing. He asked the man if he could try to play the song himself, and so he did. Afterwards, he gave the man some money and walked away.

A woman saw the entire thing happening and told the story afterwards.

"Heartsounds" was his debut album as a solo artist and was received very well by the wide public. It was sort of ground-breaking at that time and announced a series of acoustic albums that would help the new age genre evolve into a mainstream thing. In 2003, a re-release of "Heartsounds" occurred in an album called "Heartsounds / Nightfall".

It was a 2 CD set and received good critics by the magazines that deal with acoustic music.

"Heartsounds" by David Lanz is a wonderful masterpiece from a truly complete musician. You can now enjoy the free piano sheet PDF listed below, thanks to our users.

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Artist:David Lanz
Producer:Lanz, Paul Speer
Released:June 1983
Track length:2:36
Genre:New Age

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Heartsounds - David Lanz video tutorial preview

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Matthias November 16, 2015 at 21:43 #1

Nice to find that kind of music in sheets