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Free piano sheet music from David Lanz

About David Lanz

David Lanz is the name of a jazz and new age pianist from Seattle, Washington, the United States of America. On his full name David Howard Linz, he has been interested in piano music even since he was a child on the Pacific Northwest. He viewed the piano as a machine that makes contact with your spirit and he explored its mysteries at a young age.

His mother was a pianist as well and she directed him towards this passion. Helen Lanz, as she was called, was used to playing songs by Frank Sinatra, Ray Charles and even Nat King Cole and she went on to be a mentor for her son.

In the 1960s period, Lanz started performing. In 1971, he managed to work with the label Mercury Records and he recorded an album. For that album, he worked together with Brahman, a group from Canada. He started a series of collaborations, first with Terry Jacks. For Jacks, he was the keyboardist on the hit song "Seasons in the Sun".

At the end of the 1970s period, he became the director for the Seattle band called "The Sweep". That band consisted of lead singer Ken McCann, guitarist Ped Pendras, bassist Hugh Gerrard and drummer Glenn Ayers. Later, they added Robbie Jordan for the saxophone.

After the period with "The Sweep", David Lanz began performing as a solo artist in clubs locally. In Seattle, he started working in a new age bar, one of the first of its kind, as Lanz himself stated. In this bar, he started performing his own personal compositions. The style of his music changed from the rock oriented genre to blues and jazz.

Since 1980, Lanz worked on several compositions with put the bases of the New Age piano genre.

He started releasing many albums, the most notable one being "Heartsounds", which was his debut album as a solo artist. His record label called Narada gained recognition due to the success of "Heartsounds".

Other notable albums from Lanz are: "Nightfall" in 1984, "Natural States" in 1985, "Woodlands" in 1987, "Cristofori’s Dream" in 1988, "Return to the Heart" in 1991. Lanz has been a Grammy-nominated artist and his "Cristofori’s Dream" album ranked at the top of the Billboard New Age charts for over four months.

The album eventually became certified Platinum. "Natural States" from 1985 reached as high as place 125 on the Billboard 200 charts.

David Lanz is a great pianist that has contributed much to the New Age genre and has great jazz and blues influences as well. With a career of over fifty years, he is one of the best quality piano players in the world.

David Lanz
Birth Name:David Howard Lanz
Born:June 28, 1950 In Seattle, Washington, U.S.
Genres:New Age, Jazz
Occupations:Musician, Pianist
Instruments:Keyboard, Piano
Years Active:1964-present

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