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I Need You Tonight free piano sheet music by Backstreet Boys

About the song

"I Need You Tonight" is a popular song of the band Backstreet Boys.

It belongs on their third album titled "Millennium" released on 18 May 1999. The song was written by Andrew Fromm and produced by Robert John "Mutt" Lange.

Backstreet Boys' "I Need You Tonight" is the fifth sing on the album, alongside another ten tracks: "Larger than Life", "I Want It That Way", "Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely", "It's Gotta Be You", "Don't Want You Back", "Don't Wanna Lose You Now", "The One", "Back to Your Heart", "Spanish Eyes", "No One Else Comes Close" and "The Perfect Fan".

The song "I Need You Tonight" was written by a friend of Nick’s, named Andy.

It is about a complicated relationship, where the partners went through ups and down, but from the masculine perspective, the guy is not giving up:

I know that we have been through so much pain

But I still need you in my life this time

The sadness is felt really deep, due to the melodic line, very slow and touching.

"I Need You Tonight" piano sheet music is composed in the originally key of B major. The song has a length of four minutes and twenty three seconds.

The lyrics

I figured out what to say to you

But sometimes the words they, they come out so wrong

are expressing regret for everything he said. And after that in the chorus he is begging her and he tries to convince her that he really needs her, despite of the thing that he doesn’t know if this is "wrong or right"- he insists "I really need you tonight".

The song "I Need You Tonight" was quickly loved by all the Backstreet Boys’ fans and reached a great popularity, even if the track never had a music video.

The piano sheet music of "I Need You Tonight" is ranged for B3-G#5.

"I Need You Tonight" piano tabs are available here free for download, for everyone who would like to play the song.

I Need You Tonight
Artists:Backstreet Boys
Released:18 May 1999
Writer:Andrew Fromm
Track length:4:23
Genres:Pop, Dance-Pop, Teen Pop

Piano cover

I Need You Tonight - Backstreet Boys video tutorial preview

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