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Free piano sheet music from Bob Seger

About Bob Seger

Bob Seger, on his real name Robert Clark Seger, is an American rock singer, pianist and guitarist and also a songwriter. Performing and recording under different monikers and bands, such as Bob Seger and the Last Heard or Bob Seger System in the 1960s, he pursued other bands in the 70s, playing for acts such as The Silver Bullet Band, which he put together with local Detroit musicians, he also played solo or in the early years with bands such as The Decibels & The Town Criers or Doug Brown & The Omens.

His success peak was however under The Silver Bullet Band and now we are happy to have such a great figure of the pop rock genre, with a career of over five decades listed on PianoForge, with hopefully many piano sheets to come.

Arriving on the scene in 1961 with the Decibels, he released "The Lonely One" as his first original song, which aired on radio successfully at the time. After the band disbanded, Bob joined the Town Criers, which started by covering songs and started to get into gigs. Bob, meeting Doug Brown, joined his band, the Omens, covering R&B songs mostly.

Seger decided to record "East Side Story", one of his songs, by himself, left the Omens and released songs for the Hideout Records label, starting with January 1966, "East Side Story" becoming his first hit.

Bob Seger & The Last Heard, as the act he was currently under was called decided to change labels and they signed with Capitol Records, which changed the band name to The Bob Seger System. Their first single was "2 + 2 = ?", being an anti-war song, getting some air time in New York and their second single, "Ramblin’ Gamblin’ Man", peaked nationally at number 17, leading to the release of an album with the same name in 1969.

Piano sheets for various acts that Bob Seger performed for could be available soon on PianoForge, so if you are a rock fan, stay tuned for free and fresh piano material!

Trying to get a solo career going after the System disbanded, in 1971 Seger released his first solo album, "Brand New Morning", entirely acoustic. Not having great success and leaving Capitol Records, he started The Silver Bullet Band in 1974, composed by  guitarist Drew Abbott, drummer and backup-singer Charlie Allen Martin, keyboard-player Rick Mannassa, bass guitarist Chris Campbell and saxophone player Alto Reed.

The modest album "Seven" got released, which got place 80 nationally. Returning to Capitol Records, Seger released in 1975 the album "Beautiful Loser", in 1976 "Live Bullet" and the highest success for the band was in 1976 with album "Night Moves".

In 1978, they followed that success with "Stranger in Town" and "Old Time Rock and Roll" became one of Seger’s signature songs. In 1980, Seger released "Against the Wind", ranking top on the Billboard charts, followed by a live album in 1981, "Nine Tonight" and another huge success in 1982, "The Distance".

In later years though, his music faded and was not as sought after, one of his latest successful works being from 2006, "Face the Promise", in 2009 releasing only a compilation album, "Early Seger Vol. 1".

Getting inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame in 2012, he is a great rock artist with many great songs, that shaped up the history for many musicians to come. Keep an eye on PianoForge for more of his piano sheets!


Bob Seger
Birth Name:Robert Clark Seger
Born:May 6, 1945 in Lincoln Park, Michigan
Genres:Rock, heartland rock, roots rock, pop rock, country rock, hard rock, blue-eyed soul
Instruments:Vocals, guitar, piano
Years Active:1961–present
Labels:Hideout, Cameo, Capitol, Palladium

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