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Free piano sheet music from Secondhand Serenade

About Secondhand Serenade

Secondhand Serenade is the name of an American acoustic rock band, formed by John Vesely, the vocalist of the band, who also plays guitar and the piano. Having much to deal with genres such as emo, alternative rock and pop rock, the band developed their style throughout the time, starting low, in California, USA.

Vesely, coming from a family of musicians, being the son of a jazz player, got interested in music even since he was 12 years old and he played bass for eight years for different local bands of genres similar to the one that he would finally embrace.

We hope that Vesely and his band can provide our users with awesome piano sheets, seeing as the band is acoustic and they focus on piano, there should be no problem in finding more songs to feature on our website.

Vesely moved on to acoustic guitar and, meeting his wife, Candice, he started serenading her, which began to form the name of the band. They broke up though and this could be seen in the message of his newer tracks, he started singing sad songs at that time, during 2008.

In 2005 though, at the band’s early starts, the debut album, “Awake”, was released after initially being recorded as a demo, using multi-tracked vocals with an acoustic guitar to cover them. Selling over 15.000 copies on his own, Vesely was on the verge of success, the online media approved of the band and they started to become more known.

They got signed on Glassnote Records and we hope that we can provide you with many piano sheets from their first album, as well as from their latter ones.

Two more songs were featured on the “Awake” re-release in 2007, which led to the album getting as high as number 19 on the Independent Albums charts. Spawning a single which actually got a video, “Vulnerable”, the band started playing festivals and concerts and they were on a roll.

“A Twist in My Story” is the name of their second album, released in 2008, incorporating songs from “Awake”, reproduced with the entirety of the band though. Butch Walker and Nine Inch Nails’ Danny Lohner co-produced on some of the songs and the first single, “Fall for You”, was released in January and premiered on MTV’s TRL.

They continued to tour in the beggining of 2008 and “Fall for You” eventually got Platinum status. Their third studio album was “Hear Me Now”, but the “Weightless” EP started a new era for them, Vesely giving up on using a label and starting to self-fund the band and asking for donations.

Acoustically remaking some of their older songs and releasing new singles as far as in 2013, a song called “Shake It Off”, the title of an album that never came out was announced, “Undefeated”.

We are awaiting more from this band and we hope we have enough material to transition their songs into beautiful piano sheets for our users to enjoy on PianoForge. Stay tuned and keep playing the piano!

Secondhand Serenade
MembersJohn Vesely, John Harvey, Alex Sier, Lucas Vesely, Tom Breyfogle
Origin:Menlo Park, California, USA
Genres:Acoustic rock, emo, alternative rock, pop rock
Years active:2004–present

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