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Free piano sheet music from Dan Fogelberg

About Dan Fogelberg

Daniel Grayling “Dan” Fogelberg is the name of an American musician and composer that was inspired from genres such as rock, jazz, classical music or folk and pop.

Being also a songwriter and a multi-instrumentalist, playing the guitar, the bass, the piano and even the mandolin, he comes from a family of musicians, being born in Illinois as the son of Margaret Peter Fogelberg, a classical music piano player and Lawrence Peter Fogelberg, who was a high school band director. Learning to play several instruments since he was little, such as the guitar or the piano, he joined a band at the age of 14, a cover band, his second band also being a cover one.

It was clear to everyone that he was going to pursue a musical career and we are thankful for that, he created some beautiful songs that inspired the creation of interesting piano sheets.

While playing locally with a folk band, he studied theater arts and painting at the University of Illinois, proving that he was interested in all of the beautiful arts the world has to offer. He started performing solo acoustically in cafes and was spotted by Irving Azoff, a music manager.

Dan was sent by Irving to further learn music to Nashville, where he became a session musician and recorded his first album with Norbert Putnam, a producer. In 1972 he released his debut album, “Home Free”, which later received Platinum status. This was the beginning of Dan’s career that made him produce many songs, some of which deserve piano sheets listed on our website.

Joe Walsh produced his second album in 1974, “Souvenirs”, making the song “Part of the Plan” his first hit. Then the albums rolled on, releasing in 1975 “Captured Angel” and “Nether Lands” in 1977, where the song “The Power of Gold” got him popularity and success. He continued to release several albums, some of which were collaborations, releasing in 1978 “Twin Sons of Different Mothers” and “Phoenix” in 1979, this last album being featured in Top 10 albums and the track “Longer” becoming a pop hit, as well as “Heart Hotels”, which reached Top 20.

Some of this songs could very well end up on PianoForge as featured piano sheets, so keep your eyes on us!

In 1981 Dan got his top moment, when he released “The Innocent Age”, which featured some of his greatest hits: “Same Old Lang Syne”, “Leader of the Band”, “Hard to Say” and “Run for the Roses”.

In 1982 he released a greatest hits album and in 1985 releasing “High Country Snows”. The next years were busy for him as well, releasing “Exiles” in 1987, “The Wild Places” in 1990 and “River of Souls” in 1993. In 1995 another collaboration album came out, “No Resemblance Whatsoever” and his last three works were “The First Christmas Morning”, released in 1999, “Full Circle”, released in 2003 and “Love in Time” released in 2009.

Dan Fogelberg was a great music composer with an extensive discography, a talented piano player that left us some songs to transition into piano sheets and practice on them. Enjoy PianoForge and stay tuned, more music composers and talented piano players will be featured on the website!

Dan Fogelberg
Birth name:Daniel Grayling Fogelberg
Born:August 13, 1951 in Peoria, Illinois, U.S.
Died:December 16, 2007 (aged 56) in Deer Isle, Maine, U.S.
Genres:Rock, folk rock, soft rock
Years active:1968–2007
Labels:Columbia, Epic, Giant, Mailboat
Instruments:Vocals, guitar, bass, piano, mandolin

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