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Soft Collared Neck free piano sheet music by Helios (Keith Kenniff)

About the song

"Soft Collared Neck" is the title of a song featured on "Ayres", the third album by Helios, a moniker for Keith Kenniff, a music composer and multi-instrumentalist.

The act Helios is an electronic music act, which features the usage of chilling vibes in mostly instrumental songs to bring together an atmospheric and emotional feeling. "Ayres" is an album released in 2007 and remastered in 2010, being his only album to feature vocals.

Even if Helios received his highest praises on his critically acclaimed album "Eingya" in 2006, this follows on to that fame and tries to get his music to the next level.

We hope that this producer and moniker can provide you with many interesting piano sheets, for now we are presenting "Soft Collared Neck".

Being just a six-track album, it is an exclusive one, having all songs written and composed by Keith Kenniff. Even if "In Heaven" is the most famous song on the album, being the signature track, the other tracks are interesting as well, seeing that Keith decided to experiment with vocals as well.

The genre being a mixture of ambient and electronic, the tracks are chilling and have a certain vibe to them, which many seek to incorporate into their songs.

The lyrics for the song seem to have a hidden meaning to them, the saddens that they initially represent could be considered melancholic:

"Hours left to face / Getting through the days".

The song continues to feature a nice, warm piano with these confusing lyrics, which seem to imply an impending doom:

"Long shadows on your face / Threatening to rain".

But then the main idea of the song becomes know, explaining the title as well:

"Soft collared neck / Beating back the wind".

The message and the main idea is one of surviving through the hardships of life, even if it rains, we can "just stay in bed again" and we will "Believe in nothing sad again".

The message, combined with the harmonic style of the song and the lengthy piano notes, makes the song an excellent song and an excellent choice for transposing into a piano sheet.

If you want to learn how to play "Soft Collared Neck" by Helios on your piano, enjoy the notes listed below and don’t forget that you can request other songs to be featured on PianoForge using the Request page. Enjoy and keep playing that piano!

Soft Collared Neck
Track length:3:23
Genre:Ambient, Electronica
Released:July 10, 2007

Piano cover

Soft Collared Neck - Helios (Keith Kenniff)  video tutorial preview

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