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Free piano sheet music from Helios (Keith Kenniff)

About Helios (Keith Kenniff)

Keith Kenniff is the name of an American composer, that also plays multiple instruments and produces electronic music under the name Helios.

He composes post-classical piano music under another moniker, Goldmund, and he represents one half of the indie band Mint Julep and half of an ambient project initially called "Hollie & Keith Kenniff", presently called "A Pale Fire". Also composing for television, film, or dance and performance art, he started a record label named "Unseen".

We will focus on the electronic music that he composes under the name Helios, the act he is most know for, which can provide us with many chilling piano sheets, since his music is mostly calm and atmospheric.

Graduating from the Berklee College of Music in 2006 with a degree in percussion and composition, he released his first album prior to that, in 2004, under the name Helios, an album called "Unomia". His next two albums were the ones which gave him his fame though, especially his second one, "Eingya", released in 2006.

His third album was called "Caesura" and got released in 2008. Under the name Goldmund he released six albums on his own label, as well as on two other labels, Type Records and Western Vinyl.

His recent album is his best received one, titled "Famous Places".

He toured and performed for a long time all around the world, in places such as the US, Japan, Europe and even Canada.

His indie rock band, Mint Julep, is a collaboration between him and his wife, they actually released in 2010 an EP called "Adorn".

Their first full-length album followed in 2011, an album titled "Save Your Season".

They started as a group another project called "Meadows", focusing on children music, debuting with the album "Littlest Star", released in the summer of 2011.

Ayres is the title of his third album under Helios, being the only album with vocals. "Unleft" is another album released in 2009, followed by a live album called "Live at The Triple Door" and a remastered release of "Ayres" in 2010. Moiety is his latest album, released in 2012 and Yume is forthcoming in 2014.

He hasn’t released any new material under his other monikers since 2011 and it’s safe to say that the projects are pretty much dead, but it’s nice to see a name such as Helios continuing to grow in the chill EDM industry.

If you want to see piano sheets by the act Helios by Keith Kenniff, stay tuned on PianoForge, we always try to transition any and all beautiful songs into nice sheets for our users.

And don’t forget, we are missing many artists and songs, so if you would like to see anything listed here, let us know via the Request page. Until then, enjoy PianoForge and keep playing the piano!

Helios (Keith Kenniff)
Birth name:Keith Kenniff
Also known as:Helios, Goldmund, Mint Julep, Meadows
Genres:Ambient, electronica
Years active:2004–present
Labels:Unseen, Merck, Type, Western Vinyl, Circle into Square
Occupations:Composer, writer, sound designer

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