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Lead Me Out of the Dark free piano sheet music by Crown the Empire

About the song

"Lead Me Out of the Dark" is the title of a song by American metalcore band Crown the Empire, a song first used on their debut EP called "Limitless", then re-released on the deluxe reissue of their debut album, "Fallout", a deluxe edition which incorporated the second vocalist’s voice, Dave Escamilla, into the songs.

The album was received with mixed critics, some calling it generic and simply post-hardcore, or feeling disappointed about the lyrics, but the vocals and the different sounds used were well received, with the exception of Alternative Press, which criticized the usage of dubstep-like sounds.

We are sharing the piano sheet for "Lead Me Out of the Dark", and we hope you enjoy it.

The song is a slow song and hardly falls into the metal or metalcore category, seeing at the usage of piano and the clean vocals are the dominant elements.

The lyrics also combine well into a well-written piece of art, presenting the confession of a young man towards his loved one, promising that he will be better and he just needs another chance, to be "led out of the dark".

It is a song that can be appreciated by every music listener that can appreciate well-written music, it is simply a chilling song with no screams or heavy guitar riffs, so it should be easy to enjoy it without criticizing it too much.

Crown the Empire really has some nice songs that are worth putting in our playlists and we hope that we can further their fame via our website, they are doing a fine job with this not so popular genre.

The sheet music for "Lead Me Out of the Dark" by Crown the Empire is listed below. If you have anything else that you would like featured on PianoForge, let us know via the Request section.

Lead Me Out of the Dark
Artists:Crown the Empire
Album:The Fallout
Released:November 19, 2012
Genres:Post-hardcore, Metalcore, Electronicore
Track length:3:18
Label:Rise Records
Producer:Joey Sturgis

Piano cover

Lead Me Out of the Dark - Crown the Empire video tutorial preview

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Erinynny January 19, 2016 at 21:22 #1

Good sheet music!