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Free piano sheet music from The Mahavishnu Orchestra

About The Mahavishnu Orchestra

The Mahavishnu Orchestra was guitarist John McLaughlin’s electric band, that also included violinist Jerry Goodman, bassist Rick Laird, keyboardist Jan Hammer and drummer Billy Cobham. Fusing a sort of electric jazz with rock and having Eastern or Indian influences, their music is complex and it pioneered the genre now widely known as fusion.

The name of the band comes from John, who, after studying with an Indian guru, took on the name “Mahavishnu”, which means “divine compassion”. The complex rhythms and the high-volume and fast-paced electric guitar solos from McLaughlin took on the harmonic European influences and turned it into a completely new style. It is an original style, which makes for beautiful piano sheets, which we hope you can enjoy.

They started with purely instrumental albums, such as “The Inner Mounting Flame” from 1971 or “Birds of Fire” from 1973, later developing a more mainstream style, adding R&B and gospel vocals.

The group disbanded soon after these two albums and reformed in 1974 with the timeless McLaughlin, who added Gayle Moran on keyboards and vocals, Jean-Luc Ponty on violin, Ralphe Armstrong on bass guitar and Narada Michael Walden as the drummer, with added part-time instrumentalists.

Recording “Apocalypse” in 1974 and “Visions of the Emerald Beyond” in 1975, they were back on track as the “new and real” Mahavishnu Orchestra. This new group has disagreements as well and the violinist left, leaving the four-man group to release “Inner Worlds” in 1976.

The group reformed again in 1984 at the hands of McLaughlin, but completely changed their style and never got the same fame as before.

The band is listed as an influence by more and more bands lately, such as Cynic or The Mars Volta and some of their tracks got sampled in more modern music by the likes of Massive Attack or Mos Def.

The 1980 “The Best of Mahavishnu Orchestra” is a full-length compilation which still is sold today and played by fusion fans and the later “Mahavishnu” and “Adventures in Radioland” albums opened the path for more electronic and instrumental bands to follow, seeing as McLaughlin encouraged the use of synthetisers.

With great music diversity and with the group trying to change styles and, rather than adapt, invent and bring something new to this great art, the Mahavishnu Orchestra is worth remembering and we hope that the piano sheets we will post on PianoForge will be a great inspirations for today’s piano players.

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Songs list

Meeting of the Spirits Dawn

The Mahavishnu Orchestra
MembersJohn McLaughlin, Billy Cobham, Jan Hammer, Jerry Goodman, Rick Laird, Ralphe Armstrong, Narada, Michael Walden, Gayle Moran, Jean-Luc Ponty, Stu Goldberg, Bill Evans, Jonas Hellborg, Mitchel Forman, Danny Gottlieb and Jim Beard
Origin:New York City, United States
Genres:Jazz fusion, jazz-rock
Years active:1971–1976, 1984–1987

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