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Free piano sheet music from Daughter

About Daughter

Daughter is an English indie folk band completely formed in 2010, when guitarist Igor Haefeli and drummer Remi Aguilella joined, making the band a great European act. Elena Tonra, the vocalist of the group, was raised in an Irish-Italian family in London, where she experienced music from an early age, thanks to her grandfather influences.

Being firstly formed in traditional Irish music, she started being interested in music thanks to an album by Jeff Buckley, called “Grace”. At school she had a rough time and started to write songs even since she was only 12, herself admitting she wrote “about things I feel difficult talking about in adulthood”.

We hope that you can enjoy this beautiful group, as their alternative rock and indie genre combination is delightful and can provide us with awesome piano sheets.

Tonra started her career singing acoustically in the vicinity of London, but she said: “didn’t suit me at all. As a musician, I’m self-taught and felt I was restricted by my abilities". Haefeli, the guitarist, felt attracted to Tonra’s style and he attended London’s Institute of Contemporary Music Performance.

Releasing a demo and starting to combine Tonra’s voice with the electrical guitar, they released their debut EP, titled “His Young Heart”, on 20 April 2011.

In the same year, they released a second EP, “The Wild Youth”, for Communion Records. Being described as “one of the unique sounds in the pop landscape today”, the EP started their fame and their popularity began to rise as well once BBC Radio 1 invited them for a session.

In 2012 they headlined a concert in London and they signed with the United Kingdom label 4AD and they released their first single, titled “Smother”, that same year.

Being awarded Single of the Week by BBC Radio 1, they became more known around the world and even appeared on the David Letterman Show in December.

The piano sheets from their not numerous songs are reworked, but we think that they are suited for piano play and we hope that our users will enjoy the things we are promoting.

They released their debut album in March 2013, titled “If You Leave”, that charted number 16 in the United Kingdom and even received positive critics, such as "An album as beautifully conceived as If You Leave is one you follow from start to finish, riveted by the story it weaves and the emotion it bleeds.

And in these digital days that feels like a remarkable achievement.” The album also won Independent Album of the Year at the 2013 AIM Independent Music Awards. They started touring to promote the album and starting with 2014, they headlined in the Far East and Australasia.

We hope to hear more from Daughter and we hope that you can enjoy the piano sheets we will list for them. Stay tuned for more piano sheets and use the Request button if you have anything you would like to see featured on PianoForge.

Artists:Elena Tonra, Igor Haefeli and Remi Aguilella
Origin:London, United Kingdom
Genres:Indie folk, alternative rock, ambient
Years active:2010–present
Labels:4AD, Glassnote

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