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Free piano sheet music from John McLaughlin

About John McLaughlin

John McLaughlin is a jazz fusion artist, his music including different genres and influences, such as psychedelic rock and post-bop.

With aggressive speed in his guitar skills, technical accuracy and harmonic and melodic vibes, he has been highly inspired by Indian music and became one of the pioneers of the genre now widely recognized as fusion.

There is no wonder that he has been so involved with music, seeing as he comes from a family of musicians, his mother being a violinist.

McLaughlin studied violin and piano as a child, then found his one true love, the guitar, at the age of only eleven. We are proud to have such a significant figure in our database and we hope our users can enjoy the piano sheets born from John McLaughlin's songs.

John’s work and style influenced many fusion guitarists, such as Steve Morse, Mike Stern, Al Di Meola, Paul Masvidal, Eric Johnson, Pebber Brown, Scott Henderson and Shawn Lane, these being just the few from the fusion guitarists of ‘70s and ‘80s.

He has also influenced more recent artists, where we remember Greg Ginn of Black Flag, Omar Rodriguez of The Mars Volta, Pat Metheny and even Chick Corea said that

"...what John McLaughlin did with the electric guitar set the world on its ear. No one ever heard an electric guitar played like that before, and it certainly inspired me. John's band, more than my experience with Miles, led me to want to turn the volume up and write music that was more dramatic and made your hair stand on end".

Even if his highest praises come towards his electric guitar work, some songs are beautifully transformed into piano instrumentals and we hope that the sheets that we will list are more than enough to keep you intrigued towards jazz music.

Playing on Miles Davis’ album "In A Silent Way, Bit***s Brew" and releasing the album "Live-Evil" in the ‘60s, he moved on to greater things in the ‘70s, when he recorded "Devotion" in 1970 and "My Goal’s Behind" in 1971.

The next years marked a very fertile career, when he collaborated with Carlos Santana, worked with jazz composers such as Carla Bley and Gil Evans, formed a fusion trio called "Trio of Doom" which only played live once and continued to work with his electric band, "The Mahavishnu Orchestra". He soon moved on to playing with his acoustic Indian classical music group called Shakti.

Releasing an album in the ‘80s with One Truth Band, called "Electric Dreams", he moved to another part of his career, where he started releasing albums with different groups, such as Fuse One or Mahavishnu. He has been called in 2010 by Jeff Beck "the best guitarist alive" and in 2003 he ranked place 49 in Rolling Stone’s "100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time".

We hope you can enjoy McLaughlin's music and the sheets that we make available for you on PianoForge.

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John McLaughlin
Birth name:Mahavishnu John McLaughlin
Born:4 January 1942 in Doncaster, West Riding Of Yorkshire, England
Genres:Jazz Fusion, Jazz, World Fusion, Post-Bop, Psychedelic Rock
Occupations:Musician, Songwriter
Instruments:Guitar, Keyboard
Years active:1963–present
Labels:Abstract Logix, Verve, Douglas
Also known as:Mahavishnu John McLaughlin
Discography:See the full discography here. (

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