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Here Without You free piano sheet music by 3 Doors Down

About the song

"Here Without You" is a track from the American rock band 3 Doors Down.

It is part of their second studio album, "Away From The Sun". The album was recorded in one year, throughout 2001 and 2002 at various locations: at the Ocean Way Studios, in Hollywood, California, at London Bridge, in Seattle, Washington and at Greenhouse, in Burnaby, British Columbia.

It sold more than four million copies throughout the world, with three million in the United States alone. The producer in charge of the song was Rick Parashar. It was released in November 12th, 2002, through Universal Records. It included many successful songs like "The Road I'm In", "When I'm Gone", "Going Down In Flames" and of course, "Here Without You".

"Here Without You" was released as a CD on August 11th, 2003 and it combines many musical genres: symphonic rock, soft rock and pop rock.

It was preceded by "The Road I'm On" and followed by "Away From The Sun", the title song. Brad Arnold, the lead vocalist, has stated the inspiration for the song came from his ex-wife. The lyrics depict the feeling of loneliness and the peace of mind that comes at the memory of the loved one.

The single was a big success for 3 Doors Down and it reached number five on the Billboard Hot 100.

It was succeeded only by "Kryptonite", which reached number three and "When I'm Gone", which reached number four. It topped the Billboard Adult Top 40 for 13 weeks. It was also at number one on other important charts such as US Billboard Mainstream Top 40. It reached number two on the Australian Singles chart, number 14 on the US Billboard Mainstream Rock Tracks and on the US Billboard Adult Contemporary charts, number ten on the New Zealand Singles Chart, number 22 on US Billboard Modern Rock Tracks, twelve on the Dutch Singles Chart, 23 on the German Singles Chart and it was also present in the charts from Switzerland and The United Kingdom.

The fame of "Here Without You" grew bigger and bigger at the time of the Iraq War, when it turned into the anthem for deployed troops and for their loved ones left at home. It also became a big commercial success and it was certified double platinum in the United States.

"Here Without You" is a very beautiful and popular song from a promising band. You can also enjoy it by learning how to play it. The free piano sheet can be found on this website, below.

Here Without You
Artists:3 Doors Down
Released:August 11, 2003
Album:Away From The Sun
Genres:Soft Rock, Pop Rock, Symphonic Rock
Track length:3:59

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Here Without You - 3 Doors Down video tutorial preview

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