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Play Dead free piano sheet music by Bjork

About the song

"Play Dead" is the single for the soundtrack of The Young Americans, a 1993 crime drama. Not being initially included in her solo debut album titled "Debut", it has been later featured as a part of the bonus tracks.

With trip-hop influences and a what Bjork confesses to have been a "difficult writing", the song aimed to draw the emotions of the main character of the movie. With mellow strings and a sense of suffering, the song has been worked on by Jah Wobble as a co-writer, who also wrote the bass part and David Arnold, who composed the score. W

e hope that you can enjoy what great work has been put in the making of this track and also in the making of these fresh piano sheets we are sharing below.

Many have said that the song is one of her best, it was well received by music critics, Mal Pearchey of Vox saying that the song was "incredibly sophisticated after the eclectic drama of The Sugarcubes". The best definition for the song is, though, "compelling but lesser-known", as it was not one of her hits, even if it charted Top 20 all around the globe.

These piano sheets are, therefore, not so known as well, but that doesn’t mean they are not worth a try, especially if you are a electronic music fan.

The music video is strictly related to the movie as well, as Bjork is featured playing the entire song in a bar that appears in the movie, with flashes and scenes of actual footage of the film.

Some may call it a trailer video for the film, but it’s been released as an official video for Bjork’s song, even if it’s been produced by the same man that produced the film series, Danny Cannon.

Peaking at number 7 in the Swedish charts and number 10 on the Norwegian charts, the song has been in the Top 20 of Dutch, UK and Irish charts as well.

The lyrics are, as Bjork’s lyrics usually are, subtle and surreal, the title expressing everything about the message of the song, ways of numbing the pain out: "I nestle into pain / Hug suffering / Caress every ache". Playing dead is seen as not doing anything and just focusing on balancing the pain with the fear and confusion felt by the main character of The Young Americans.

We hope you can enjoy this wonderful piece of art by Bjork and also learn to play it on the piano very well, we can aid you with providing these fresh piano sheets alongside a video tutorial to get you started. Enjoy and if you have any request, use the Request button and we will respond in a few days.

Play Dead
Writers:Jah Wobble, Björk, David Arnold
Producers:David Arnold, Danny Cannon With Additional Production And Mixing By Tim Simenon
Released:11 October 1993
Album:Music From The Film The Young Americans & Debut (Re-release Edition)
Labels:Universal Records And One Little Indian
Genre:Trip Hop
Track length:3:56

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Play Dead - Bjork video tutorial preview

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