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Free piano sheet music from Bjork

About Bjork

Bjork is the name and also stage name of an Icelandic female singer that experimented throughout her long career with genres such as trip-hop, alternative dance, jazz, folk, alternative rock and is a pioneer of the avant-garde music in her country.

She studied classical piano and flute since she was six years old at a Reykjavik school, but she got herself noticed when singing vocally, the school helping her get a recording contract at the age of only 12, debuting with her self-titled album in 1977.

Having learned lots of instruments throughout her career, she is also a talented piano player.

During her teen years, she has been part of many projects and bands, but, because of her decision to pursue a solo musical career, we now have excellent songs from her that made possible the making of beautiful sheet music for everyone to enjoy.

Moving to London and working with producer Nellee Hooper, they produced Bjork’s first international hit, called "Human Behavior" and then her solo album, "Debut", followed in 1993, being named album of the year by NME and achieving Platinum status in the US.

Containing a mix of songs that she used to sing since she was little and having tracks that featured jazz covers for existing songs or various instrumentation, like the saxophone in some songs, the album was a complete album and it’s no wonder it had great success. At the ’94 BRIT Awards, she won the Best International Female and Best International Newcomer.

Her second album improved her sound, having electronic and techno influences.

Her music videos are what got the world’s attention, being surreal and wonderfully constructed, sometimes musicals, sometimes simply absurd colorful worlds.

"Post", as the second album was called, had some UK pop hits and achieved as well Platinum status in the US.

The album "Homogenic" got released in 1997 and had lots of music videos which got really famous, some of them being played on MTV. Having played in movies before, she was asked to write and produce the music for a film called "Dancer in the Dark" and eventually she played the main character of the movie by Lars von Trier, which was a total success, making her win a Best Actress award.

The album "Vespertine" got released in 2001, featuring hushed vocals, choirs, micro beats, chamber orchestras and a new type of sound on which several people worked, DJs or harpists.

"Hidden Place", "Pagan Poetry" and "Coccoon" are the three singles from "Vespertine", which got music videos and became really well known from her repertoire.

Her last three albums are "Medulla" of 2004, "Volta" of 2007 and "Biophillia" of 2011, spawning hits like "Earth Intruders", "Innocence", "The Full Flame of Desire", "Crystalline" just to name a few.

Having won four BRIT Awards, four MTV awards and other significant awards, she’s been called "the best non-pop female vocalist of the last 30 years", her albums selling more than 20 million copies all around the world.

Being ranked top 30 in VH1’s "The 100 Greatest Women in Music", top 10 in MTV’s "22 Greatest Voices in Music" and finally fifth in a top for the most acclaimed female artists, she is a complete musician, who will forever be known in history as a significant vocalist.

Birth name:Björk Guðmundsdóttir
Born:21 November 1965 in Reykjavík, Iceland
Genres:Alternative Rock, Electronica, Trip Hop, Alternative Dance, Experimental, Jazz, Avant-garde, Ambient, Classical, Industrial, Folk, Post-punk (early)
Years active:1977–present
Labels:One Little Indian, Polydor, Universal, Elektra, Atlantic, Nonesuch, Warner Bros.
Instruments:Voice, Piano, Keyboards, Flute, Harp, Clarinet, Harmonica
Known as:Singer, Songwriter, Composer, Musician, Actress
Parents:- Hildur Rúna Hauksdóttir
- Guðmundur Gunnarsson
Discography:- Björk (1977)
- Debut (1993)
- Post (1995)
- Homogenic (1997)
- Vespertine (2001)
- Medúlla (2004)
- Volta (2007)
- Biophilia (2011)
Filmography:- Glerbrot (1987)
- The Juniper Tree (1990)
- Dancer in the Dark (2000)
- Drawing Restraint 9 (2005)
- Anna and the Moods (2007)
- Björk: Biophilia Live (2014)

Bjork sheet music list (7 in total)

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Lawrence 16 April 2015 at 06:10 #1

Bjork has one of the best styles that I know of. She is so great!

Gill Conti 29 September 2015 at 08:43 #2

This is so nice!

Jullien 22 October 2015 at 07:25 #3

This is is. This are the sheets that I was looking for.
Thank you!