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New Born free piano sheet music by Muse

About the song

Muse is an alternative rock band that fuses together successfully genre influences like symphonic rock, space rock, progressive metal and electronic music, having released six albums so far, the last one being in 2012.

For their second album back in 2001, "Origin of Symmetry", they really cranked up they style, making it more aggressive and bass fuzzy.

The broken chords technique is used often by Bellamy, the pianist and lead singer, having influences from Tchaikovsky and Chopin.

Lyrically, the band’s song messages have always been top notch, subliminal and concept-ambitious, using themes from apocalypse to technological evolution and its flaws, or even economics. We are now presenting one more song from Muse’s repertoire, titled "New Born", along with it's piano sheet that can be downloaded from below, for no charge.

"New Born" is a single part of "Origin of Symmetry", one of the first of Muse’s songs to reach high popularity. Written in the key of E minor, the song starts at a fast tempo, which increases throughout each verse of it.

The minimalist style of the piano makes it a great choice for anyone who wants to learn a soft song on the piano and we aim to help you do just that.

Originally only having guitar riffs, the piano intro has been recorded afterwards, the song being featured on their live DVD, "Hullabaloo", with a modified version of the piano intro, with a better and extended guitar solo.

The song has also been the lead song for a French movie in 2003, called "Haute tension" and a remix has been featured for the soundtrack of the 2001 film "Swordfish".

If you want to learn how to play a new and interesting piano song, this is the song for you, as we now offer this free "New Born" piano sheet, with a video tutorial below so you can start and improve your skills. Check PianoForge regularly for new and fresh songs and don’t forget to enjoy the music!

New Born
Producers:John Leckie, David Bottrill, Muse
Released:5 June 2001 (UK)
Album:Origin Of Symmetry
Genres:Alternative Metal, Progressive Metal
Track length:6:03

Piano cover

New Born - Muse video tutorial preview

Free sheet music list for download

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