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Dance Of The Four Swans free piano sheet music by Tchaikovsky

About the song

Swan Lake is a ballet song greatly known and kept throughout the time, being composed by the Russian piano genius Tchaikovsky back in the year of 1876.

The story of the song is that of princess Odette, who has been turned into a swan by a curse and while it has been presented in many variants and is still being played differently according to region, with the swan being a sign of the Russian nation, the song is so famous that it’s being called a national ballet and now we are happy to provide you with the free piano sheets for the third number of Act IV, "Dance of the Four Swans".

Julius Reisinger is the name of the choreographer for the entire Swan Lake ballet, being part of the Bolshoi Ballet when he worked with Tchaikovsky.

The orchestration was done in only two seasons, the fall and winter of 1875, but the instrumentation took longer. It premiered in Moscow, in March 1877.

The ballet song has four acts in total and the "Dance of the Four Swans" is part of the last act, being a repetition for a scene in the first act. The difference is this part is Moderato, compared to the first which was Allegro moderato.

There a few technicalities as differences as well, so knowing how to play one really well is not guarantee to make you automatically know the other as well. Just try and see how you can do with the sheet and the video tutorial below.

A beautiful story about a cursed princess and a prince that discovers her and tries to save her is everything you can wish from a ballet song, but this one takes it further away, providing viewers with a spectacle that is not easily forgotten. If you are not a fan of ballet, you could however still find the song entertaining, without the dance, but we strongly recommend watching the show in its entirety, it’s wonderful.

Want to learn a song from one of the best composers in history? Well then, we hope you enjoy classical music, because "Dance of the Four Swans" is part of one of the best classical ballet songs.

Put your piano to work now with these sweet Swan Lake piano sheets and try to learn the entire ballet song, you can see why it is so beautifully hard. And don’t forget to visit PianoForge for other new stuff daily!

Dance Of The Four Swans
Composer:Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
Position in the ballet:- Act IV- No. 27 Dance of the Little Swans: Moderato
Released:4 March 1877
Featured on:Swan Lake ballet

Piano cover

Dance Of The Four Swans - Tchaikovsky video tutorial preview

Free sheet music list for download

31 versions available.
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  • 1 Act III, No.23. Mazurka
  • 2 Act III, No.24. Scene
  • 3 Act II, No.13. Danses des Cygnes
  • 4 Act III, No.20. Danse Hongroise
  • 5 Act III, No.21. Danse Espagnole
  • 6 Act III, No.22. Danse Napolitaine
  • 7 Act II, No.12. Scene
  • 8 Act II, No.11. Scene
  • 9 Act II, No.10. Scene
  • 10 Act I, No.9. Finale
  • 11 Act I, No.2. Valse
  • 12 Act I, No.1. Scene
  • 13 Act I, No.4. Pas de Trois
  • 14 Title Page, Instrumentation, Contents, Synopsis, and Introduction
  • 15 Act I, No.3. Scene
  • 16 Act I, No.6. Pas d'Action
  • 17 Act I, No.5. Pas de Deux
  • 18 Act I, No.7. Sujet
  • 19 Act II, No.14. Finale
  • 20 Act III, No.17. Scene
  • 21 Act I, No.8. Danse des Coupes
  • 22 Act III, No.16. Danses du Corps de Ballet et des Nains
  • 23 Act III, No.15. [Scene]
  • 24 Act III, No.19. Pas de Six
  • 25 Act III, No.18. Scene
  • 26 Act IV, No.25. Entr'acte
  • 27 Act IV, No.26. Scene
  • 28 Act IV, No.27. Danses des Petits Cygnes
  • 29 Act IV, No.28. Scene
  • 30 Act IV, No.29. Scene Finale
  • 31 Version 31

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