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Free piano sheet music from 30H!3

About 30H!3

30H!3 is a musical duo from Colorado, US.

Their band name is pronounced "three oh tree", 303 being the code area for Boulder, Colorado, a place from which they both come.

The genre that these two guys experiment with are kind of weird for the normal taste, ranging from dance to electronic rock, with influences of crunkcore, synthpop and even dubstep. They are known for a series of songs that became global hits, like "Don’t Trust Me" or a remix of their original "Starstrukk" song featuring Katy Perry.

More recently, they entered a new area of fans by featuring Kesha on their lead single for their 2010 album, "Streets of Gold". The song’s title was "My First Kiss" and the fact that Kesha has a larger fan base than them made them profit from that and gain new popularity.

Even if none of these two is a professional piano player, we take it as a challenge to provide you with sheet music from this great duo, which will diversify your portfolio.

Sean Foreman and Nathaniel Motte, the two members of the group, look like they are some fun guys to be around and their music tends to express that as well, all of their songs having a sort of dynamic and a groove to them, making them catchy.

They debuted with a self-titled album in 2007, after 3 years of existence that matured their musical experience. Just one song was being successful at that time for them, the single called "Electroshock". They then had the opportunity to sign with a label related to Atlantic Records, which started their journey to greatness.

Their keyboard skills got even better from that and their talent makes us believe that we can draw up some good sheets from their music to provide you with.

July 2008 was the month that they released their second album, "Want", reaching number 44 on Billboard 200. Then they started writing songs for a bit, for a TV shows and for a baseball team, which furthered their status even more.

Starting to tour locally at first, they soon toured around the entire US, joining the Warped Tour both in 2008 and 2009. In 2010, before releasing a new album, they were featured on a track with Lil Jon and also on a song with Kesha, which made the number of their fans grow even higher.

"Streets of Gold" is the name of their latest 2010 album, featuring Kesha on one song.

One of their songs, "I Know How to Say", was requested for a Disney trailer, the kind of controvert duo proving that they know how to write "nice" stuff as well. They surely do!

Their latest album features songs released as far as 2012, even if the official release date of the album was on June of 2013. The first single, "You’re Gonna Love This", is the song in question and its video got 30H!3 even more popular.

Their singles kept on coming until enough material was enough for an album and so they released it, having success, even if not great success like they used to. We hope to hear something new from them.

Until then, listen to 30H!3 if you haven’t done so yet and tell us what you think.

Members:Sean Foreman, Nathaniel Motte
Origin:Boulder, Colorado, United States
Genres:Synthpop, Dance, Electronic Rock, Crunkcore, Dubstep
Years active:2004–present
Labels:Photo Finish
Discography:- 3OH!3 (2007)
- Want (2008)
- Streets of Gold (2010)
- Omens (2013)
Official year when they were formed:2004

30H!3 sheet music list (2 in total)

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