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Free piano sheet music from Ron Pope

About Ron Pope

Ron Pope is an American artist representing the pop and rock scenes, one of the greats that moved to New York to further their music careers.

By the birth name Ronald Michael, the now 31 years old American launched himself as part of a band called "The District", meeting his fellow band mates at the New York University that he attended in 2003.

He was quite the Internet star for a while, starting from 2008 and he got featured soon on MTV’s TRL and on Universal Republic’s label, with whom he collaborated for one year in 2009-2010 and released remarkable, popular singles like "I Believe" and "A Drop in the Ocean".

Being a remarkable guitar player, his band mates are responsible with the piano instrumentals and the beautiful combination of his crispy, yet soft voice and wonderful keys makes Ron a nice, fresh target for music fans.

Having let go of his band mates in his latest years, just to collaborate with some of them or with other new ones, he released his first solo album in 2008, called "Daylight".

Combining themes from love to traveling and longing for California’s sun or some love related songs, the album was a success and got him to newer, greater heights, his Universal Republic collaboration being called by lots of critics a short one, as it could have gotten him even further than he is now.

His next 2009 album, "The Bedroom Demos", featured past songs of his recorded live or reworked and got lots of attention when posted on his personal, official YouTube account.

It is since the ’09-’10 period since he has gotten lots of attention and fans throughout the online media. The main attraction from him was, of course, his unique voice, but the piano notes and soft instrumentals got us to want to provide our fans with new and delightful piano sheets and that is what we are going to do, so keep following us, you won’t be disappointed.

Following on his demos album, he released that same year a new album called "Goodbye, Goodnight", containing some of his greatest songs like "Home", "Keep Me Warm" or "I’m Yours". Being called "a sentimentalist who can rip a guitar to shreds", his music also receiving praises like "genuinely good music, a revitalized sense of hope", he released his album in 2010 with the title "Hello, Love", featuring his latest hits, like "Summer Is Gone" or "The Best Kind of Hunger".

I think it’s safe to say that we can expect new albums by this great singer and songwriter and for now, all we can do is enjoy beautiful piano sheets that we have to offer to all piano enthusiasts that want to learn and perfect their skills.

Ron Pope
Birth name:Ronald Michael "Ron" Pope
Born:July 23, 1983 In Atlanta, US
Genres:Pop, Rock
Years active:2005–present
Labels:Universal Republic
Known as:Singer, Songwriter

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