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Free piano sheet music from The Eagles

About The Eagles

The Eagles are possibly the best musical act of the ‘70s, having sold over 150 million records throughout the ages.

Lead vocalists Glenn Frey and Don Henley, guitarist Bernie Leadon and bassist Randy Meisner formed the band in 1971 and released their debut self-titled album a year later. And the album was a true hit, three of the songs making it in the top 40, their musical hunger grew and flourished as they released another album in ’73, "Desperado", which has the album-titled hit that stood the test of history and became one of their signature songs.

Piano sheets for "Desperado" or other great songs from "The Eagles" are available here, so keep your eyes on us, we won’t disappoint you.

The band played at the California Jam festival in 1974, alongside great acts like Black Sabbath and Deep Purple, just to name a few.

The crowd was huge and their name got huge as well, since in 1975, with the release of their fourth album, "One of These Nights", they achieved something unique, a series of four consecutive number one albums. Bernie Leadon quit the band that December for personal reasons, but the band quickly found a replacement in the form of Joe Walsh.

Without that happening we would probably not have the album "Hotel California" today and we couldn’t provide you with the beautiful sheet music for that amazing song, but they are here for you to enjoy and improve your skills.

1976 came and the band released their first compilation album, "Their Greatest Hits 1971–1975", which became soon a best-seller in United States’ history. But there was still more to come, as in the final parts of 1976, they released "Hotel California", the album that provided many singles and got them to be named "one of the greats in rock history".

Having a sound more like hard rock, which was the reason that Bernie Leadon actually left, they added more fans to their list by incorporating new elements and new tendencies into their representations.

A Grammy winner for "Record of the year", "Hotel California" is the last album alongside Randy Meisner, who had to leave because of medical issues. He wasn’t the piano player, so the piano style of the band didn’t have to suffer, the continuity of Frey’s passion makes it possible for us to provide you with great piano sheets for songs composed and some of them written by him.

After a hiatus period of 13 years which wasn’t really nice and is better left hidden, they came back in 1993 with a country album called "Common Thread: The Songs of The Eagles", then recording a successful live album in ’94 called "Hell Freezes Over" with new songs like "Love Will Keep Us Alive" and "Get Over It" that got featured on Top 40.

In 2003 they released an album with their best songs called "The Very Best Of" and they culminated and left us a great memory in 2007 with "Long Road Out of Eden".

Their overall fame and status, their exceptional guitar instrumentals and piano complexity makes them a very attractive target for piano sheet music, and, we can now help you with that. You just need to understand that rock and roll has great songs to offer as well and they are going to be here for you when you need them!

The Eagles
Lineup:- Glenn Frey
- Don Henley
- Joe Walsh
- Timothy B. Schmit
Origin:Los Angeles, California
Years active:1971–1980, 1994–present
Labels:Asylum, Geffen, Polydor, Lost Highway
Other members:- Bernie Leadon
- Randy Meisner
- Don Felder
Discography:- Eagles (1972)
- Desperado (1973)
- On The Border (1974)
- One Of These Nights (1975)
- Hotel California (1976)
- The Long Run (1979)
- Long Road Out Of Eden (2007)
Official year when they were formed:1971

The Eagles sheet music list (3 in total)

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