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Free piano sheet music from Journey

About Journey

Journey is a rock band hailing from San Francisco with a progressive style that matured over years, given that they underwent lots of personnel changes throughout the years.

They started low, but adopted a jazz fusion style that made the newly named "Journey" band one of the most popular bands in the 80’s. Being originally composed from former members of other bands, they started to gather up more people, like bassist Ross Valory and his colleague from Frumious Bandersnatch, George Tickner, that left the band right after their first album, 1975’s self-titled album "Journey".

After tweaking their style up a bit with the adding of Robert Fleischman and new lead singer Steve Perry, while releasing three other albums, one of which was a live album called "Captured", they made a move that would guarantee their success by adding pianist Jonathan Cain, whose work has inspired the making of incredible piano sheets.

In 1981 they had their greatest album ever, titled "Escape", which sold an incredible nine times platinum, reached number 1 on Billboard and made them big enough to get signings with radio commercials and video games collaborators.

One of, if not their greatest song, "Don’t Stop Believin’" is the top-selling catalog track in iTunes ever, being called a "perfect rock song".

Having an excellent keyboard opening and being so inspirational (some sports teams even used it as a sort of anthem), it’s no wonder it’s been so highly regarded by everyone at that time and even in our days, when we can provide millions around the world with this genius band’s sheet music.

They toured a lot at that time, wrote movie soundtracks, so it was an opportunity afterwards for some of the band members to occupy themselves with some personal projects, which they did.

They quickly came together again to release a new album in 1986, "Raised on Radio", but then there were some professional differences, members got fired and they soon went on a hiatus lasting a little over ten whole years, even if there were some reuniting moments on a couple of occasions, when they even released a new album, "Trial by Fire".

The lead singer got replaced finally in 1998, they hired Deen Castronovo as a drummer and released "Arrival" in 2001. Having been inducted into the Hollywood Walk of Fame, releasing an album in 2005 and going on a 30 year anniversary tour, they were finally back for good it seemed, but Steve Augeri, the new lead singer, had a medical problem and was unable to stay in the band any longer.

They released another very successful album in ’08 with new members, but their touring and life of rock and rolling came to an end after another series of tours with their 2011 album, "Eclipse". Throughout their long epic journey, Jonathan Cain remained one of the representative members of the new keyboard rock riffs infusion and makes the now exclusive piano sheets for Journey all the better, his work was definitely art and it will forever be so.

Enjoy this great band!

Members:- Neal Schon
- Ross Valory
- Jonathan Cain
- Deen Castronovo
- Arnel Pineda
Origin:San Francisco, California, United States
Genres:Rock, Jazz Fusion, Progressive Rock, Hard Rock, Soft Rock
Years active:1973–present
Labels:Columbia, Frontiers, Sanctuary, Nomota LLC
Other members:- Steve Perry
- Gregg Rolie
- George Tickner
- Aynsley Dunbar
- Robert Fleischman
- Steve Smith
- Randy Jackson
- Steve Augeri
Discography:- Journey (1975)
- Look into the Future (1976)
- Next (1977)
- Infinity (1978)
- Evolution (1979)
- Departure (1980)
- Escape (1981)
- Frontiers (1983)
- Raised on Radio (1986)
- Trial by Fire (1996)
- Arrival (2001)
- Generations (2005)
- Revelation (2008)
- Eclipse (2011)

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