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Blue Lips free piano sheet music by Regina Spektor

About the song

Blue Lips, released on the album "Far", in 2009, is a song by the American indie musician Regina Spektor, a singer and piano player representative for the folk and more specifically the anti-folk genre.

Having admitted herself influences from jazz artists like Billie Holiday and Tom Waits, her songs have a classical air about them, while preserving a modern taste with pop and rock instrumentals.

The album containing the song received wide recognition and, throughout a list of four, one of the musical producers working on Far is the famous Jeff Lynne, who produced recordings for extremely successful acts, like The Beatles, Ringo Starr, Paul McCartney and many, many others.

Jeff also produced Blue Lips and from his sayings, he really enjoyed working with Regina, for whom he had nothing but praises: "It hits you right in the face how brilliant it is.".

There's no wonder that Regina's songs, having lots of great piano instrumentals, are sought by piano players and you can get, amongst many others, amazing piano sheets for her songs.

The song's lyrics are pure, natural and not overcrowded by instrumentals, which makes it an excellent piano choice, but the meaning of the lyrics is sort of controversial, seeing that they are so subtle and bohemian.

The themes of love, death and religion are the main ones that Regina bases her songs on and this song has a religious shade to it as well: "God, is this all there is?". The color blue is being regarded as the fundamental color of life itself:

"Blue lips, blue veins,

Blue, the color of our planet

Blue, the most human color"

, but the song seems to follow the story of a man stumbling into faith, beginning to breathe, and then breed.

The general idea seems to be the one of conveying a human life from start to finish, the second part of the song referring to a certain "They", probably a family that smiles, marches along and in their journey they become "enslaved in the assembly lines".

The song is not a happy song, it aims to be more realistic towards the path we all take as human beings and the melodic piano notes take you into a elegiac state towards life. Its piano sheet is available for free below to help you achieve that feeling.

Blue Lips
Artist:Regina Spektor
Writer:Regina Spektor
Producer:Jeff Lynne
Released:June 23, 2009
Genre:Anti-folk, indie rock
Track length:3:34

Piano cover

Blue Lips - Regina Spektor video tutorial preview

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