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Free piano sheet music from Bread

About Bread

Even though it may seem a little strange, considering the name of the band, Bread was and remains an American band focused on rock, built and developed in Los Angeles, California.

13 of their songs were placed on the Billboard Hot 100 chart during around 7 years.

Their style was later the one so-called "soft rock", due to the influences they were introducing into their way of composing and also performing.

This band was formed by David Gates, who dealt with vocal, guitar, keyboards, violin, viola, percussion, Jimmy Griffin, who played guitar, keyboards and also percussion, Robb Royer, who played bass, guitar, flute, keyboards, backing vocals, Mike Botts, who joined the band in 1969 and Lary Knetchel, who played bass, guitar, harmonica, keyboards and replaced Royer in 1971.

All of them have a rich contribution in the great music produced by the band.

Before have the unity to perform as Bread, Gates had worked with the band in which Royer was involved. The band’s 1967 album, called "The Pleasure Fair", was arranged and produced exactly by The Pleasure Fair, which was the name of this above mentioned band.

The name Bread, which was considered funny by numerous people, even though it represents an ordinary thing, was chosen in 1969.

Their first single, which was released in June 1969, was released under the name "Dismal Day".

The song did not chart, but that does not mean it is not amazing, at least for those times. Their debut album carried the band’s name, Bread, and has seen the light of the stages in 1969, September.

It reached position 127 on the Billboard 200, which seemed an unexpected success for that beginning. On the album, the session musician Jim Gordon accompanied the band, playing drums.

All in all, even though they do not seem to have received so much appreciation, they are remarkable for their trials to make themselves known during that period.

The piano sheet music that resulted from Bread's songs is also remarkable, even though their work was not so rich from quantitative point of view.

Members:David Gates, Jimmy Griffin (deceased), Robb Royer, Mike Botts (deceased), Larry Knechtel (deceased)
Origin:Los Angeles, California, United States
Genres:Soft Rock, Folk Rock
Years active:1968–1973; 1976–1978; 1996–1997
Labels:Elektra, Rhino
Discography:- Bread (1969)
- On the Waters (1970)
- Manna (1971)
- Baby I'm-a Want You (1972)
- Guitar Man Elektra (1972)
- Lost Without Your Love (1977)

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