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Gloomy Sunday free piano sheet music by Emilie Autumn

About the song

Emilie Autumn, even though is not the writer of this great song, performs it in an unbelievable manner, making everybody feel the deepness of her voice and more than that, the meaning and emotions transmitted by the magnificent lyrics of the song "Gloomy Sunday".

The original song was composed by pianist and composer Rezs? Seress in 1933, who is well known for the special, in a certain way, songs that he has been created along time, having the lyrics being written by László Jávor.

The song presents the story and shares the feelings of pain and hope at the same time, of a lover that prays to God and angels and addresses some sensitive words to his or her lover, who seems to wait in another world, the one of death.

The voice of the song claims life must develop anywhere only with the lover.

The images that the story depicts are creepy, at least at a first glance, the atmosphere being built with candles, a dark and painful environment.

Emily’s voice is able to increase the intensity of words, but the "Gloomy Sunday" sheet music has also this ability, even without the vocals.

Because of the fact that many suicides have been committed having this song as a background, "Gloomy Sunday" was named the "Hungarian Suicide Song".

The "Gloomy Sunday" piano sheet is able to wake up demons from their world and bring them to our reality only through the atmosphere full of unknown and mysterious scenes it can create, but it is also able to create a heaven of living forever, a paradise of feelings both bad and good. Emilie seems in perfect accordance with the song.

Gloomy Sunday
Artist:Emilie Autumn
Composer:Rezs? Seress
Writer:László Jávor
Genre:Melancholy love poem
Track length:2:34
Also known as:Hungarian Suicide Song

Piano cover

Gloomy Sunday - Emilie Autumn video tutorial preview

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