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Free piano sheet music from Emilie Autumn

About Emilie Autumn

If you search for something unique, you may try Emilie Autumn.

Emily Autumn Liddell, who is better known as simple Emilie Autumn, which is her stage name, is a young American singer-songwriter, who is also showing her skills as a great poet and violinist.

She has built, in a certain way, her unique style, which is called by her "Fairy Pop", "Fantasy Rock" or "Victoriandustrial", one of the elements that make her special and contributes in the fame she earns day by day.

The sheet music by Emilie Autumn is also impressive and contains a part of her way of being in another than she seems to be. She is also seen as performing gentle glam rock especially from the Victorian era. She has great performances, thing that she does not do alone, but accompanied and maybe helped, in a certain measure, by her backup dancers, all women, The Bloody Crumpets.

She has been approaching, with the pass of time, a diversity of genres, combining them in a fantastic way, including classical music, cabaret, electronic and glam rock, as mentioned above. All of her songs gave birth to beautiful piano sheets.

Regarding some of her personal life details, we need to mention the fact that she grew up in California and she started learning violin since little, at the age of only four years. She followed a normal school, but she decided to quit in order for her to have more time to practice, learn and focus to become a world-class violinist.

She also developed a wide general culture, reading a lot and doing this especially by pleasure. In this way, she registered successes and she got to have the ability to write her own music.

She had, since little, numerous teachers and she has always known what and how to learn and use from them. Then she went to Indiana University, but she decided to retire, because her style did not actually fit the requirements of the university.

She created an independent label, under the name "Traitor Records", and she focused all her attention and energy on creating her first classical album, named "On a Day: Music for Violin & Continuo", which was followed in 2003, by the release of her second album "Enchant".

She has been having some problems regarding health, but she is still trying to get over, looking for remedy in pills and therapy because some issues like, as far as it is known, insomnia.

Another interesting thing about her is the fact that at the age of only 11 she became vegetarian, because she was not able to realize and accept how she can eat farm animals, but the same thing cannot happen with her pet dog.

All in all, a little bit weird or not, as some people may say, she is talented, thing that she is showing in every spectacle she has and her music and Emilie Autumn's sheets are great.

Emilie Autumn
Birth name:Emilie Autumn Liddell
Born:September 22, 1979 in Los Angeles, California
Genres:Classical, Dark Cabaret, Electronica, New-age, Folk
Occupations:Singer-songwriter, Musician, Writer, Poet, Actress
Instruments:Vocals, Violin, Harpsichord, Piano, Viola
Years active:1997–present
Labels:Traitor, Trisol Music Group, The End, The Asylum Emporium
Discography:- On a Day... (2000)
- Enchant (2003)
- Opheliac (2006)
- Laced / Unlaced (2007)
- Fight Like a Girl (2012)
Filmography:- 11-11-11 as 11'er in Video (2011)
- The Devil's Carnival (2012)

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