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The Gravel Road free piano sheet music by James Newton Howard

About the song

"The Gravel Road", composed by the great James Newton Howard, was inspired from the soundtrack of film "The Village". And, it's fantastic.

The film was launched in 2004, and it is, as genre, a psychological thriller, created mostly by M. Night Shyamalan, who is the writer, producer and director of the film.

The story of the movie is a complex and interesting one, about a village, where people live surrounded by the fear of some horrible and terrifying creatures, which live in the near woods and seem to be dangerous.

"The Gravel Road" shows the intensity of what people living there are feeling, the mysterious scenes and keeps the action going even after its ending.

Both the film and the soundtrack received not only positive but also some negative reviews, but critical opinion did not stop the appreciation of numerous fans to support and buy the film.

It earned a "rotten" certification at Rotten Tomatoes, having only 40% who gave it a positive appraisal, the choice being based on 206 reviews. It seemed that one of the things that sort of annoyed critics, if it can be said so, was represented by the unexpected ending, the twist that the author took at the end of the movie, not making it to seem so creepy anymore.

The whole story is amazing. The original name of the film was "The Woods", but because of the fact that there was another film having this mane on the market, directed by Lucky McKee, the name was changed and it might have been a smart move.

"The Gravel Road's" sheet music for piano fits perfectly to the title and plot of the film.

Nevertheless, the film’s score, which was composed by famous James Howard, featuring solo violinist Hillary Hahn, represented a high success and helped the film in its nomination for the Academy Award for Best Original Score.

Even though it did not win the award, it remained a special score in the history of best film scores ever, also contributing in the large appreciation of its creator, composer Newton Howard.

The Gravel Road
Composer:James Newton Howard
Artist:Hilary Hahn (violinist)
Producer:Sam Mercer, Scott Rudin and M. Night Shyamalan
Released:July 26, 2004
Album:The Village OST
Distributed by:Buena Vista Pictures
Genre:Film score
Track length:2:44

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The Gravel Road - James Newton Howard video tutorial preview

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