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Free piano sheet music from The Beatles

About The Beatles

The Beatles were formed in the year 1960 in England, Liverpool.

The band was formed with four members: John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr. They rapidly became one of the biggest and most influential rock bands of all times. They didn't stop just at rock music.

The Beatles wrote songs for several music genres. These range from psychedelic rock to pop ballads. They often incorporate classical musical elements with some ground breaking innovative elements.

The Beatles started building their reputation by playing in clubs from Liverpool and Hamburg. This activity was spanned over a period of three years. Their musical potential was significantly boosted by their producer, George Martin. The manager, Brian Epstein turned them into the professional band that we know of today.

It is almost useless to ask if there is anybody who did not hear about The Beatles, a historical band when it comes to rock music, which was one of the successful bands that served as main source of inspiration for the most of artists that developed their activity in the field of this genre, this statement being also sustained by their huge number of copies sold all over the world, meaning more than 1.1 milliard.

Even though there are not many of us who would not have thought about this, considering their style, most of the songs belonging to The Beatles have impressive sheet music, which make their songs even more appreciated and covered every year.

The group was composed of four singers, as follows: John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr, more than loved by their target auditory, which was especially composed by the young generation of that period, which, taking into consideration the instability of those times, was a confuse one, immediately following to the Second World War.

The band initially became famous due to what some people considered to be a sort of pop music, but they demonstrated, through their following songs that they are original and can achieve much appreciation and deserve all the good words that have been told about them both by the specialist critics and by the simple auditory since that beginning period, all along the 20th century. Moreover, the four well known artists shown their skills not only in music, but also in the field of films, and a special situation was in John Lennon’s case, who was involved in politics.

The first hit bought by them was "Love Me Do", which was released in the late 1920's. This was the turning point in their career. This song boosted their popularity in the United Kingdom. After that, The Beatles acquired the nickname "Fab Four" as their popularity grew. In the 1963 and 1964, The Beatles became international stars.

They led the so called "British invasion" of the United States pop music market. Some of the great albums that they created over the next several years were: Rubber Soul (1965), Revolver (1966), Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (1967), The Beatles (White Album) (1968), and Abbey Road (1969).

Than the year 1970 came and The Beatles separated.

After the separation, each "beatle" enjoyed a successful single career in music.

In the year 1980, in December, John Lennon was shot and killed. In November 2001, George Harrison died of lung cancer. The remaining members, Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr are still in the music industry, still active. The Recording Industry Association of America stated that The Beatles were the most successful best-selling band in the United States. They sold over 177 million certified copies of their work. They were the band that had more number one albums and sold the most singles in the United Kingdom than any other artist or band.

Coming back to music, there are so many songs that have been fascinating hearts all over the world that they would surely be easily recognized if reminded. Most of them have captivating piano sheets. There is a song which belongs to The Beatles that can fit any feeling we have. These are some of the reasons the artists received many awards for their magnificent work that is always of actuality. An example can be the 2004, when the Rolling Stone magazine set the band on the first place in the list of the greatest 100 artists of all the time, considering that their music and their innovative style defined the 1960s period.

Among these awards, it would be nice to mention that The Beatles won the Best New Artist Grammy in 1964, Song of the Year Award in 1966 for the song called "Michelle", the Best Album Cover in 1967 for the album named "SGT Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band", Best Original Score in 1970 for their famous song "Let It Be", which you can find here, and, the National Academy of Recordings Arts and Sciences Presidents’ Award in 2004.

Of course, there are many other not mentioned awards, but the most important one is the appreciation of the fans, which still exist, even though the band disappeared…as material form.

Their music will probably still be living for a long time and their songs’ piano sheets will always remain real art creations.

The Beatles
Lineup:-John Lennon
-Paul McCartney
-George Harrison
-Ringo Starr
Origin:Liverpool, England
Genres:Rock, Pop
Years active:1960 - 1970
Labels:Parlophone, Swan, Vee-Jay, Capitol, United Artists and Apple
Other members:Pete Best, Stuart Sutcliffe
Discography:-Please Please Me (1963)
-With the Beatles (1963)
-A Hard Day's Night (1964)
-Beatles for Sale (1964)
-Help! (1965)
-Rubber Soul (1965)
-Revolver (1966)
-Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (1967)
-The Beatles ("The White Album", 1968)
-Yellow Submarine (1969)
-Abbey Road (1969)
-Let It Be (1970)

The Beatles sheet music list (17 in total)

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